Just a quick glance

I am married mother of 3 boys, working part-time so when I’m off and kids free during the day, I enjoy baking cakes, sometimes simple, going with what the seasons have to offer, sometimes more “unusual” to put it mildly as it takes my fancy!

Also, being cabin crew, I’ve had the opportunity to travel round the world, and picking up along the way a few books! These, usually, are my favourites!


I can never stick to a recipe. For starters I always reduce the sugar quantities which does not hinder the taste, most times. But I am a firm believer that cakes need real sugar.You won’t find any recipes with the fake stuff, it just ruins the taste. Believe me, I have tried all of them in my search for a more dietetic and healthier approach to cake baking… Now my motto is real food requires real ingredients. Other times, it’s the one ingredient I want to use that gets all my attention and the recipe must adapt to it.
I hope you enjoy baking and eating any of my offerings, it comes straight from the heart and my oven!

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