Giant Jaffa Cake

It was my younger son’s birthday last week and we celebrated over the week end… As his favourite biscuits are Jaffa cakes, I had the idea to make one as a birthday cake, and I personally think it turned out better than I ‘d ever hoped!


On this occasion, I will present the process rather than the recipe, step by step!

Step 1:

Make the jelly! I used the powdered packets, 2 of, raspberry flavour, which happened to be the sugar free kind. Made it up to 500ml and added 4 very generous tablespoons of mixed fruit jam, in a wide round bottom pan


Step 2:

Bake a Victoria sponge. I used 175g soft butter/ 150g caster sugar/ 3eggs/ 175g self raising flour and 1 ½ tsp baking powder and baked in a 25cm/ 10″ round baking pan as I wanted it quite flat


Step 3:

Getting the jelly on top of the sponge…. good luck!


Step 4:

The chocolate ganache made with 200g dark chocolate and 200ml cream, it was too much but it can be frozen!


Step 5:

Smooth over so it looks like a Jaffa Cake , as above! and inside:


Obviously, as it was for the birthday boy, some more “beautifying” had to be done…. The end result:

014    017

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